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Design shapes the world and good design makes the world a better place! Following my passion for arts and design since my early childhood, I’ve been constantly seeking for new ways to expand my visual communication skills. After more than a decade of continuous improvement in the design industry, I can now enjoy a fulfilling career as a Visual Communication Designer, specializing in designing brand identities, websites and applications.

I currently work in advertising as an Art Director for Y&R Athens, while I’m constantly seeking for new ways to get inspired and educated, so I can reach my full potential and contribute my best to the world.

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Packaging design for Greek traditional bakery product

Papadakou pack design

New packaging for traditional Greek bakery product produced by Papadakou bakery based in Kalamata, Greece.

Interviewed by a Graphic Art Student

Do you have anyone who inspires you?

Anyone and anything that stimulates my mind inspires me. I get inspired by talking to remarkable people that I know, or by meeting people that I don’t know. I believe that anyone has something interesting to share, even if he (or she) doesn’t even know it, and I am always enthusiastic about collecting new information and inspiration from people. But it’s not only people that can inspire and motivate me! Actually, anything can be a source of inspiration, as long as I manage to keep my mind open, and I do that by avoiding routine at all costs! Read the rest of this page »

Brand identity design ideas

Brand identity design ideas

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